Haich Versus P is a four-novel series concerning a genocidal war between the human race and carnivorous, extradimensional equines. Originally commissioned by Dan, transcribed by Tom, and then edited into literary format and released by Semeny Licket, Haich Versus P follows the adventures of Delta Squad, a group of young, freshly-trained marines who do battle with the alien and murderous on the backdrop of soviet Russia.

Licket's involvement on the project began on October 15, 2014, during a chance encounter with Dan, seeking a determined scribe to finish bringing the vision of his military epic to life. One year and three finished novels later, that project can finally come to fruition. This Wiki shall function as a chronicle of specific detail to further aid the necessary understanding of the narrative.

Because of the graphic nature of the source material, and the intrinsic properties of the internet, reader discretion is advised.

Haich Versus P: The Firstly can currently be read at the following locations: FurAffinity | DeviantArt | Weasyl

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